In today’s fast-paced, ever changing and demanding business climate. We provide expertise along with a powerful and effective wide-ranging use of our Strategic Alliance partners to provide solutions that fully address our clients needs. Often, introducing technologies and augmented solutions to complement our strategies to create the most fan-centric enterprise, operation efficiencies and solutions for maximum revenue generation.

Sales Culture and Organizational Structure

The culture of your organization directly impacts your budget, revenue potential and your standing in the marketplace. At FanSummit we want your organization to be fundamentally sound and equip to survive the daily challenges and those unforeseen, untimely circumstances that can leave, even the best, organizations reeling for months or years at time. We want your organization to thrive and maximize its potential. We believe the “people” part of our business is the greatest and most important pillar of success, both short term and long term. Your investment and attention to culture, structure and internal operations could make or break your success. FanSummit is devoted to helping our clients build and sustain a culture built on strong values, employee motivation and worth, putting the right people in the right roles, with the right tools to be productive, and tied to a sound business strategy that fosters productivity, contribution and involvement designed to achieve and excel. A focus on a strong company culture and operational structure will ensure that your organization and employees will grow and build value in their careers to give your organization a profound competitive advantage in your marketplace.

FanSummit focuses on:

Building a plan and getting employee buy-in
Performance tracking metrics
Personnel and clearly defined roles
Assigning proper responsibilities and accountability
Building a year-round sales, marketing and operational calendar
Contingencies based on unforeseen circumstance – positive and negative
Sales and customer service training
Recovery methods to retain Season Ticket Holders, Donors and all other patrons

Fan Engagement and Customer Relations

We are the most fan-centric consulting firm in the world. The “modern” sports fan is different from a generation ago when watching, listening to, and reading about their favorite sports and events were the only ways the could “be a part of their team”. Technology now allows fans to be deeply engaged with their favorite teams and athletes, but in doing so, they must wrestle numerous platforms, technologies and media channels. The modern fan demands more access, control and interaction with teams, players, leagues, events and content and is much more likely to be financially invested in the outcome of a game.

From league commissioners on down, the biggest issue for sports industry executives is fan engagement. The challenges facing sports properties is how exactly to engage those fans amongst the proliferation of services and technology platforms. In today’s 24/7 digital world filled with social media, limitless sources for sports content, information and data anyalysis, and next-gen platforms (such as AR/VR and eSports), the race to attract and maintain consumer focus is the ultimate challenge and creates major opportunity for companies that focus on the fand and deliver innovative insight on ROI-focused programs that improve fan engagement and interactivity to sports leagues, teams and networks.

FanSummit and our Strategic Alliance companies provide fan engagement services and conduct innovative, sophisticated targeted analytics and data mine activities that determine unique personal attributes, allowing us to anticipate and motivate fans’ actions. FanSummit is committed to elevating every sports fan’s experience in ways that educate, inform, entertain, and engage them.

Technology Solutions and Future Systems Insights

We are visionary. We innovate. We are building the single greatest network of technology leaders and providers as part of Strategic Alliance to provide solutions to you in a consolidated way that allows your organization to move at the speed of business with all of the tools at your disposal and not have to make slow, difficult decisions because your organization is stretched for resources, behind in technology solutions are hindered by other internal or external reasons that stunt your business growth. FanSummit solves those issues for you, but, most importantly, FanSummit delivers, with complete confidence, the technology solutions you need, when you need them, in order to create efficiencies and drive maximum revenue generation.

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

A major dilemma sports organizations and properties face today is that their customer data, is outdated, not used at all, and is scattered across technology platforms from different companies, none of which can communicate with each other. Their ability to scale and monetize this data is limed and so complex that centralizing initiatives are rarely undertaken. This fragmentation in the global sports marketing and digital media industry has resulted in inefficiency but also has provided for opportunity.  FanSummit and our Strategic Alliance solve these issues for your organization.

FanSummit helps to solve:
     • Difficulty growing sales channels, increasing pricing upselling new products
     • Disparate data that cannot be aggregated or leveraged for monetization or operational intelligence
     • High cost of fan/client acquisition among barriers to growth
     • Absence of quality leadership unifying and coordinating unique sports fan interests across teams/leagues, sponsors, venues, merchandise and media content delivery.

Reporting and Performance Metrics

Tracking your business trends and performance is essential to making the best business decisions. FanSummit uses its proprietary tools and FanSummit Revenue Summit drive your process to track daily, weekly, monthly, year-to-date, and year-over-year reporting and metrics track productivity and to drive your organization’s business every day of the year. FanSummit takes the conjecture and unknowns out of your organization and gives you the confidence and assurances based on real, current, and bona fida data that will propel your growth, create better decision making, allow for more streamline and efficient operations and be crucial for your overall ROI strategy.

Revenue Generation

We fully integrate with all departments to build the most effective and efficient revenue strategies. Our entire enterprise is built to maximize revenue for your organization. FanSummit was created, to roll up all of the internal components and needs of an organization, to create the most, highly functioning and efficient solutions that drive maximum revenue and greatest ROI.

Staff Management and Staff Recruiting

Our FanSummit management program is the most comprehensive and effective in the sport and entertainment industry in training, monitoring and providing expertise to work in very complicated business environments. We devout our resources to creating the most solid management structure for your organization by developing strategies, on-going training, teaching a skill set that will allow for cross-department communications, internal leadership, staff motivation, leading with integrity and purpose, reporting and decision-making, and much more. At FanSummit, we know, that the success of your organization starts with the people and we are committed to helping organizations put the “right people in the right roles”.

We also devote our expertise and resources in helping your organization develop a staff structure that is built for success. Organizations, big or small, can sometimes be overwhelmed with running the daily business that they don’t focus enough attention on the critical area of culture and staff structure and well-defined roles and goals. We will work with your organization every step of the way, and not just tell you how to build your staff structure, but we will roll up our sleeves and be right there in the trenches wit you to ensure we stand by our word to help make your organization and staff the best that it can possibly can be.

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