The FanSummit Vision

Matt DiFebo
April 22, 2020
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The vision for FanSummit is the culmination of something that I have wanted to do from about 8 years ago.  We were already revolutionizing the industry at that point with our outsourced ticket sales model and we were successful at every property and by every metric. Each of our properties and partners had their own set of inherent challenges unique to each respective situation. That holds true today too. It became very clear to me that much more was needed and so much more could be done to support ticket sales, multi-media, fundraising, fan engagement, customer service, operational efficiencies and overall revenue generation. So, I set out on a journey to solve it and, over the past few years have been putting the designs on, what I feel, is greatly needed at every organization in collegiate athletics and professional sports around the world. It’s a bold and ambitions vision, but that is what is required and the time is now.

Our industry is so dynamic, and the “modern” fan requires more and more to satisfy their thirst for sports and entertainment consumption. No matter how many resources an organization may have, it is nearly impossible to keep up with change and evolution of the industry necessary to move at the speed of business. Of course, some organizations are better resourced than others. There are incredibly intelligent and immensely talented leaders all across our industry. But, what I’ve seen all too often is; organizations can only invest in one technology or a very narrow set of solutions often times neglecting or sacrificing in other important areas. This can be completely counterproductive and create a whole new set of challenges that bog down budgets and the business and operation goals of the organization.

FanSummit dynamic solutions
The “modern” fan requires more and more to satisfy their thirst for sports and entertainment consumption.

FanSummit is committed – through the entire process - to work closely with organizations and along our global network of strategic alliances to build a set of customized, comprehensive and highly-effective solutions that address exactly what the needs of the organization are in order to achieve unprecedented success and with a growth trajectory and future opportunities in mind. We are not just forward thinking – we are forward “doing”.

Our platform, through our own talent and expertise, along with our strategic alliance partners provides an aggregated and a well-coordinated array of innovation and strategic solutions – not just a “one trick pony” – to create efficiencies and drive results. We are there every step of the way to architect and lay the ground work necessary for success. We will work closely with our partners to develop and implement effective strategies. We ensure integration and cross-departmental cohesion so that nothing falls through the cracks. When adjustments are needed, we have built a solution process that is nimble and can address impromptu change and unforeseen circumstances – good or bad. Our comprehensive approach is built for real world challenges and the complexities of business. Our partners benefit from our expertise and an unparalleled thorough processes. It’s a blend of art and science. Innovation along with our expertise separates us from all others. Data and technology play a prominent role, but so does our attention to addressing fundamental and proven business practices that make an organizations complex situations become simpler and most effective – with results to prove it.

It is a privilege to work alongside so many great and talented people in this industry. They are what make this experience so motivating and worthwhile. I believe in the meaning and value of our work and what FanSummit has to offer. We are committed to building an exceptional business and serving our clients and leaders of organizations with unparalleled success.