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Ticket Sales Management

Led by renowned industry expert, Matt DiFebo, our Ticket Sales consulting division is highly sought after in the world of collegiate athletics, global and domestic professional sports and entertainment industry. Today’s sport and entertainment franchises know that more is required to drive ticket sales and deliver on customer service and fan engagement. FanSummit uses expertise and innovation to develop strategy to give organizations the competitive advantage in their respective marketplace by working closely with our clients to create comprehensive and customized solutions tailored exactly to their needs.

We provide oversight management of personnel and strategy and advise on structure to create the most efficient and productive sales department for your organization. FanSummit will create, customize and implement sales tracking, reporting and performance behavior tools that create a “sales culture” perfectly designed for your unique organization.
    • FanSummit Revenue Summit and Sales, Marketing and Operations Calendar
    • Staff Structure
    • Internal Accountability and Assignment of Responsibilities
    • Operations
    • Sales Management Training and Evalutaion

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